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Realm Therapeutics Core Purpose, Commitment, and Values

The foundation of Realm Therapeutics Corporate Social Responsibility is intrinsically tied to its Core Purpose and Core Values. Throughout the organization and in business dealings, the Company is driven by its Core Purpose: its passionate commitment to leveraging its proprietary immunomodulatory technology to protect and improve the health of adults and children. 

The driving forces behind the Company and the achievement of its Core Purpose are the people and how they conduct business.We are committed to creating a culture that values individual and collective energy, spirit, leadership, and innovation. To realize its Core Purpose and to facilitate such a culture, the Company has developed the Realm Therapeutics Commitment and Core Values. The Company has reinforced these core values in the Realm Therapeutics Code of Conduct, to which all employees have committed themselves to adhere.


Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a promise to customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders that the Company will strive to make a positive contribution to the world whilst delivering exceptional business results. Realm Therapeutics will build a Company that customers and suppliers respect as a strategic partner, that employees are proud to work for, that competitors want to emulate, that communities recognize as a contributor, and that investors value. 


The following Core Values are the foundation of its corporate and social responsibilities.


Respect and Integrity

The Company demands of itself the highest level of integrity and professionalism in all dealings with each other, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and other business partners. Realm Therapeutics respects the contribution that each member of its team makes to its success. To be an effective team at all levels in the organization, the Company establishes an environment of trust. All team members carry themselves with the pride that comes from respecting themselves and others.



The Company focuses on this core value as a means of meeting and exceeding the needs of its stakeholders. Continual innovation, spirit of integration, and high standards improve quality throughout every aspect of the organization.



The Company recognizes that it is stronger and more effective as a team than as individuals. The Company supports an open, communicative culture in which individuals are encouraged to offer suggestions for improvement. The Company recognizes that diversity is a source of strength and listens to differing viewpoints so management can constructively solve problems. Fostering strong teamwork allows an opportunity for each individual's suggestions to be heard, empowering employees and encouraging necessary risk-taking.



The Company is accountable to its customers, employees, communities, and stakeholders. Personal accountability is expected and determines the strength of the company through positive contributions by individuals. The Company celebrates and recognizes individual contributions. At the same time, it is not afraid to acknowledge, correct, and learn from mistakes. Individual commitment and performance allow the Company to pay attention to the details that will ensure quality throughout each aspect of the organization.


Passion and Pride

What Realm Therapeutics does makes a difference. The Company is passionate about the contribution it makes to the biopharmaceutical community. The Company conveys its enthusiasm and passion in all our communications and professional interactions. Taking pride in the work allows all team members to constantly strive to develop and improve.



The Company's Core Values are the foundation of its human capital force and organizational culture. Each employee makes a commitment to adhere to the Core Values statement, one component upon which performance is measured. In addition, each employee receives and acknowledges compliance with the Code of Conduct. The Company's human capital strategy is detailed in the Employee Practices section below.


Health and Safety

The Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all team members. Health and Safety Policies are communicated to all employees. These policies are robust and continuously improved to complement the Company's business as it develops. In these policies, the Company has committed to operate each facility in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory guidelines. Realm Therapeutics also recognizes, promotes, and reinforces the responsibility of employees, consultants, and visitors to work safely and follow procedures.



The Company's Core Purpose is its passionate commitment to leverage its proprietary immunomodulatory technology to protect and improve the health of adults and children
Throughout its business activities, Realm Therapeutics is committed to the basic tenets of conservation: reduce, reuse, and recycle. As part of the Company's conservation and recycling program, Realm Therapeutics has committed itself to:

  • Offering its bottled products in recyclable plastic bottles and encouraging its customers to recycle them

  • Recycling paper, plastic, glass, and tins throughout all facilities

  • Limiting the printing of documents and instead sending information via electronic format when possible

  • Using recycled paper in copiers and printers throughout all facilities

  • Printing the Company's Annual Report and other business and marketing materials on recycled paper stock whenever feasible

  • Switching off all electric items when they are not needed

  • Recycling used office equipment

  • Minimizing packaging and waste

  • Eliminating the consumption of bottled water at its facilities


The Company supports its local communities by maintaining sound business practices and by acting as a good corporate citizen and a valued employer.Realm Therapeutics is a responsible member of its local business communities, an active participant in policy development, and an active member of business organizations that advance human health. Additionally, the Company provides corporate support for certain local charitable causes such as food drives, support for needy families during the holiday season, and Earth Day cleanup projects, and encourages all team members to actively participate in and support charitable causes of their choice.


Business Practices

Realm Therapeutics is passionately committed to leveraging its proprietary immunomodulatory technology to protect and improve the health of adults and children. The Company is committed to providing its shareholders, Directors, employees, consultants, clients, suppliers, and the public with timely and accurate information. The Company strives to maintain the highest levels of integrity in its Company records, business communication practices, and scientific information. Realm Therapeutics is dedicated to honesty and fairness in all aspects of its business and expects the same from those with whom it does business. The Company also focuses on preventing and correcting problems and has dedicated quality control teams. Realm Therapeutics has a formal system for analysis, correction, and feedback regarding problems that can be prevented or corrected.
Realm Therapeutics and its employees are expected to comply with the laws of all jurisdictions in which they operate and with applicable international and national industry codes of practice. Realm Therapeutics complies with the applicable US, UK, and European Union securities laws, antitrust, and state laws relating to duties owed by corporate Directors and officers. The Company complies with all applicable government regulations and standards, including those issued by the FDA, EPA, ISO, UL, NSF, FCC, MDD, MHRA, and CE Marking. Accounting records and supporting documents are designed to accurately describe and reflect the business transactions and conform to IFRS as adopted by the EU.


Human Rights

Realm Therapeutics does not use any form of forced, compulsory, or child labor. The Company supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and respects human rights, the dignity and privacy of the individual, the right of employees to freedom of association, freedom of expression, and the right to be heard.


Employee Practices

The Company's human capital strategy and programs are designed to support a positive organizational culture guided by its Core Values and focused on the achievement of its business objectives. The strategy focuses on four key areas: organizational planning, recruitment and equal opportunity, reward and recognition, and communication.


Organizational Planning

As an expanding organization, one of the Company's key priorities is to establish an infrastructure to enable growth considering both short- and long-term goals. Realm Therapeutics continually evaluates the resources that are most vital to grow its core markets whilst identifying additional expertise needed to support new market opportunities. The Company annually assesses talent across the business to understand better its organizational strengths and knowledge gaps. The Company also reviews the structure of the organization and reporting relationships to maximize the effectiveness of its work structure and the way it delivers services to its customers.



The Group is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in employment and to ensuring that candidates for employment are hired and employees are advanced based on capabilities and demonstrated results. Realm Therapeutics encourages employees to apply for positions when ones become available for which their skills and experience might be suitable. The Company employs a rigorous evaluation process for applicants, including consideration of demonstrated prior results, related Company experience, and the extent to which they embody the Company's Core Values. Realm Therapeutics seeks, where practical, to identify a diverse pool of applicants for new positions. The Company customizes new employee training process based on the role new team members will play in the organization and provides them access to resources and other team members to help them make an informed and smooth transition to their new positions and to the Group.

Full and fair consideration is given to applications for employment made by disabled persons having regard to their particular aptitudes and abilities. The Company is prepared to offer appropriate training for disabled persons, including retraining for alternative work for employees who become disabled to promote their career development within the organization.


Reward and Recognition

Through a variety of feedback and reward mechanisms, Realm Therapeutics is focused on a performance-driven culture. The Company understands that a reward and recognition system with focused goals and the identifiable ability to impact those goals will attract, retain, and motivate employees. Realm Therapeutics employs a combination of approaches, based on the circumstance, to reward performance, including cash compensation (base pay), cash incentives tied to achieving company goals, equity, development assignments, and individual recognition. The Company's performance feedback processes provide periodic and year-end assessments of performance based on established goals. In setting goals, Realm Therapeutics has a cascading approach in which senior managers share their business goals with their direct reports who then share them with their direct reports and so on. In this way, the Company ensures uniformity of priorities and objectives.



The Group recognizes the value of communication in fostering teamwork, promoting employee morale, and managing the business. The Group's policy is to discuss with employees the status of the business and strategies for the future as well as other matters likely to affect employees' interests. Information is provided to achieve a common awareness on the part of all employees of the regular and frequent financial and economic factors affecting the Group's performance and to share how they can contribute to the Group's success.
Realm Therapeutics strives for a culture of open communication, free exchange of ideas, and innovation through thought and dialogue. The Company regularly and actively engages its team members through timely communication of Company news and information in a variety of formats. The internal communication strategy includes frequent written employee updates, periodic employee meetings, and lunchtime sessions that educate employees on various aspects of the Company's technology, business, markets, and customers. Management solicits and encourages feedback from all team members and actively engages in dialogue across all management levels. The Company maintains a policy of accessibility of senior management to all staff.

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